Praise Fellowhip Schedule of December in 2018

◆12/8 (Saturday)
 English Christmas service 18:30~19:30
 Christmas Celebration Party 19:30~21:30
Place:at Matsuyama Fukuin center on the 4th floor Fee:1000

◆12/9 Holy communion
Every Sunday, only the 1st Sunday Service(9:00~10:45) is interpreted into English through PC except when English Sunday Service is held.
Please be careful there is no interpretation at the second service.
Anybody can join us whether you are Christians or not, the Japanese or not, so please join us freely. We welcome you from our heart!
◆12/15 Matsuyama Charity Christmas (Saturday)
 We celebrate Christmas with special music, short drama, and message by Pastor Mandai with non- Christian citizens.( interpreted into English on PC )
 Place : Nankai housou Honmachi Kaikan
 Time : We hold the meeting twice, PM 2:00~ and PM 6:00~
 Fee: a ticket is ¥1200.   Please buy your ticket by yourself.  If you take your friends to it, we prepare tickets for your friends.

◆12/16 Healing Sunday service
  We have usual Sunday service twice from AM9:00~ and AM11:00.

◆12/16 Christmas Party of our Church
 Instead of usual evening meeting, we celebrate Christmas with dishes,drinks and some games.
When you attend it, please bring at least one dish to eat together.
 Place : Matsuyama Fukuin Center
 Time : PM 6:00~
◆12/23 Combined Christmas Sunday service
 AM 10:00~12:00 ( interpreted into English on PC )
 Don't mistake the time. We have only one Sunday service that day.
◆12/24  Holy Night (Monday)18:00~
 At Christmas Eve, we have Holy Night meeting with special songs and message.
 You must be able to enjoy their beautiful music.

◆12/31 Count-down prayer meeting for a New year 23:00~
With thanks we will conclude this year and start a New year in praying.

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